Manil Bajracharya (IT Professional)

Innovative and result-driven IT professional with best technical / business and interpersonal skill set with personality .Administrative acumen and proven good in programming Web/Desktop/Mobile(Android -Java/ IOS -SWIFT,OBJECTIVE -C).

Qualified and eager to accept responsibilities & challenges,and translates them into best output on your demand.


Relevant skill

  • Manil Bajracharya

    Manil Bajracharya

    Programming skills of professional base with Object Oriented Programming (OOP) :  MVC , HMVC.

  • Have a very good hold of several popular database as well as database procedural languages specially rational database
    (MS-SQL ,MYSQL , SQLITE, ORACLE, PostGreDb, Core data).
  • Good professional and business communication skill in English as required by the professional.
  • Proven ability to identify problems, analyze them & transform them into long term solution.
  • A software programmer having fresh mind with new technical skill on industry.

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